Lee Iaococca continues his success with the second model year 1966 Ford Mustang

1966 Mustang For Sale

Why change a good thing ? The 1966 Mustang used the same sheetmetal as the 1965 cars with mostly cosmetic changes to the exterior and interior of the car. From the front the valance, hood, and trim around the headlights... all the painted sheetmetal remained the same. The grill went from a honeycomb style to a mesh of elongated slats. The running horse and corral were retained, less the horizontal spears to the left and right (unless you ordered a fog light equipped car).

The sides of the car had the same molding and emblems, but the 1966 Mustang added three small bars to the the chrome piece that highlighted the sculpted, simulated air intake scoops behind the door and forward of the rear wheelwell. The most noticeable change to the car was to the dash. The 1965 Mustang used the 'Falcon' type rectangular gauge set. Only the '65 GT or Pony Interior cars had the five round dial instrument gauge. All 1966 Mustangs now had the round gauge set which provided full instrumentation dials for the oil pressure and amp mater rate of charges instead of the simple red 'idiot lights'

Engine choices were the same as the 'late '65 lineup' and starting with the standard 200 cubic inch 6 cylinder. All other engine choices were optional, and as in '65 you could get the 289 V8 in two or four barrel version.. The most powerful mill on the 1966 Mustang was the eight cylinder 271 Horsepower K code option.

The first generation Ford Mustang is a great choice for a first collector car. There were over two million of the cars made. You can find a functional, driveable Mustangs For Sale needing little work for about $10,000 USD, There are numerous aftermarket companies that will sell you everything form door handles to hoods to engines, making these easy cars to buy parts for and restore. Value depends on condition and options , see this Mustang price and condition guide for more info on how to purchase a classic car.